Work Ethic

Marcin gradually transitioned to pursue a career as a film composer not only due to his love of film, but in particular the collaborative aspect of this profession. He likes the challenges and creative limitations which naturally arise from already existing ideas as well as the opportunity to plan and implement the compositional approach together with the director. Although he is pleased to make artistic decisions and suggest unconventional approaches, Marcin equally enjoys working with directors who have a clear vision for music in their projects.

Planning in advance helps Marcin complete projects ahead of their deadlines. Whenever possible, Marcin also encourages conversations about music in early stages of pre-production, which allows him to create suites and sketches ahead of the edit. This allows some extra time for any unforeseen changes to be made and final checks before completing the project.

Working with directors, Marcin prioritises clear and consistent communication throughout, ensuring he understands the project’s requirements, director’s vision and a transparent process.

Once Marcin commits to the project, he makes every effort to deliver the highest quality product irrespective of changing circumstances, even if there are significant delays with getting the picture lock, re-scheduling or changes to the initial deadline.

Marcin understands the importance of feedback. Throughout the process, he very frequently sends sketches for review to make sure the composition stays in line with the director’s vision for the film.

Marcin consistently explores fresh ideas and unique sounds to infuse each musical piece with distinctiveness and a profound connection to the project’s underlying message. His approach frequently involves recording live instruments and various sounds and processing them in creative ways.

Marcin performs effectively in the dynamic, fast-paced environment of the industry, consistently demonstrating the ability to deliver high-quality work promptly when required.