About Marcin       

Marcin Mazurek is a Polish composer and orchestrator for Film, Television and Games based in London, UK. He has worked on projects that were presented on numerous international festivals, such as Berlinale, Miami Short Film Festival, Red Nation Film Festival in Los Angeles (winning Best Short) and TVP, Poland’s national broadcaster.

Having graduated from Leeds Conservatoire with a First Class Honours degree in Film Music, he currently studies at the National Film and Television School working towards Masters in Composing for Film and Television under BAFTA and BFI-winning composer John Keane and Oscar-winning composer Dario Marianelli.

A classically trained pianist from a young age, Marcin gradually started experimenting with composition, initially writing primarily for piano. After being introduced to music production software, he began exploring the potential of orchestra. Inspired by Krakow Film Music Festival, he developed interest towards film music. He actively participates in masterclasses and meetings with people from the film music industry, including composers such as Hans Zimmer, Alexandre Desplat and Brian Tyler as well as producers and directors. In 2018, Marcin got selected to participate in Krakow Film Music Festival’s “Masterclasses for Young Composers” as part of Young Talent Award Competition.

Marcin ensures his music stays versatile by not limiting his creativity to a certain style or genre and proactively seeking challenging opportunities across very different projects. His art relies on finding original textures for each film, creating soundworlds specific to each project. Marcin often blends in various live-recorded textures into his scores, whether it be found sounds or extended techniques on instruments like flute, violin or others. Whenever possible, Marcin sets out to begin collaboration as early as possible, often supplying sketches and suites into the edit to even further connect his music to the visuals. Aside from frequently working with talented musicians and singers in his studio, Marcin has conducted and recorded some of his scores at AIR Studios in London.